Christmas Bags

Each year, we give bags to our guests as way to bring some Christmas cheer and give them some needed items. As a special treat, we try to beyond food to provide winter wear and other necessities. We want to provide something reliable and needed as a way of participating in the spirit of Christmas. We know our guests walk in the cold. To them, hats, gloves and scarves are a necessity. Toiletries, warm packs and other items are just as needed. In our bags, we try to include a hat, scarf, gloves or mittens. We also add small items (playing cards, hair ties, hot wheels, etc) to put in the kids bags, regular size toiletries for the men’s and women’s bags and any new small “treats” for the women-perfume, hairbrushes, makeup, etc. Christmas candies are welcome as well. The Bank of Utica provided bags of candy for the kids, some food and some hot packs for the men. This year, each bag had the necessities along with a few different “treats”.

There is not enough space to spotlight all the wonderful individuals who have bought gloves, mittens and scarves that have been “made with love” and made to last. The beauty and style of these items lifts it from a necessary item to make it a treat as well. We would also like to thank the Bank of Utica for providing the men’s bags full of needed items and treats and the New Vision Pioneers for providing 50  “stockings” full of great items for men and women. Our local Old Navy provided 36 bags, which went to men, women and children.

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  1. Janet Burton Reply

    George Wilson is my dad. It was so nice of you to include his picture. I’m so proud of him for all of the work he does in support of your important organization.
    I live in Syracuse, and wish I lived closer so I could be part of your necessary organization. Next Christmas I will be sure to donate goodies for your Christmas bags!

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